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Aaron Antoine

Aaron Antoine

#23 | 5' 11" | 170lbs

Aaron “Air Bear” Antoine was born in Kirkland, WA, and raised in Spokane, WA where he attended North Central High School.

Some of Aaron’s major accomplishments have included being on the Legends, winning many Native American Basketball tournaments, and traveling all over the state.

Aaron McQuaid

Aaron McQuaid

#7 | 6’ 6” | 212lbs

Aaron’s hometown is Manson, WA, where he attended Lake Chelan High school and played football from 2012-2015. Aaron describes his style of play as ferocious, dominant, and high-flying.

He is 6’6” and weighs 215 lbs. Aaron has achieved the league MVP in high school 2010-11 and was a part of the Quad-City Flames ABA Team in 2019-2020.

Ahbrae Harvey

Ahbrae Harvey

#5 | 6' | 165lbs

Ahbrae “Brae” Harvey grew up in Spokane, WA., and while he never played basketball in high school, he received the achievement of Most Inspirational Player 2010-2012 at Spokane Community College. Ahbrae is 6 feet tall and weighs 165 lbs.

His style of play is best described as, “heart.”

Ahbrae’s favorite post game meal is anything with meat in it, and he loves to help the SNAP programs.

Daniel Igobina

Daniel Igbinoba

#10 | 6' 7" | 235lbs

Daniel’s style of play could be described as, “modern-day big man.” He is strong, fast, and excels in passing and shooting while being able to defend multiple positions.

One of Daniel’s most memorable basketball achievements was playing on an intramural team that won the NIRSA regional tournament. The team then went on to accept a bid to play at the NIRSA national tournament in Raleigh, NC. Daniel was also named pool play MVP and All-American.

Dirk Snell

Dirk Snel

#1 | 6' 2" | 185lbs

Dirk Snel was born and raised in Everett, WA. He attended Cascade High School then proceeded to continue on with his higher education at Everett Community College and University of Hawaii at Hilo where he finished the Basketball athletic program.

“My role model is my dad. He has paved the way for me and taught me how I want to raise my sons. From rebounding for me in the freezing cold to never missing a basketball game. He has always been my biggest fan and someone I look up to.”

Dominique McClendon

Dominique McClendon

#32 | 6' | 210lbs

Dominique “Domo” McClendon is from East Spokane, WA where he attended Havermale High and Everette Community College. He is 6’ and has been a three-time Hoopfest Center Court Finalist Men’s 6’ & Under Elite. His playing style is described as hard and he favors a Veggie Cheese Lasagna as his post-meal game. “Muhammad Ali, for everything he was willing to sacrifice to stand by his beliefs.”

Isaiah Linton Headshot

Isaiah Linton

#20 | 6'5" | 215lbs

Isaiah Linton is from Chicago, Illinois. He earned two state championships (2006-2007) at Simeon high school and attended Lewis and Clark Community College in Illinois, Yakima Valley Community College, and Washington State University 2011-2013. Isaiah also earned a two-time Junior College All American in 2009 and 2010.

Isaiah, or Zeek as some would nickname him, is 6’5”, weighing 215 lbs, and his style of play can best be described as “versatile.”

Isaiah’s favorite post-game meal is a Turkey Burger and his favorite charity to support is the United Negro College Fund (UNCF).

“Who is your role model or sports hero? Why?”

“Michael Jordan because he changed the professionalism of basketball.”

Fun Fact: Isaiah is a fun-loving guy who loves to be around positive energy and motivating people to be the best versions of themselves.

Kayshaun Banks

Kayshaun banks

#3 | 6' 2" | 178lbs

Kayshaun “banks” Banks grew up in Elizabeth City, NC where he attending Northeastern High School. Kayshaun is 6’ 2” and favors the Herba Life protein shakes as his post-game meal.

Kayshaun has received the defensive player of the year award in HS and is best described as athletic as a style of play.

Luke Evans

Luke Evans

#47 | 6' 9" | 220lbs

Some of Luke’s greatest accomplishments have been taking third in NWAACC while at Spokane Community College in 2010-11 and 12-13. He also won local recreational league tournaments between 2014-2019. He can be more known for running the local outdoor courts around Spokane.

Luke is 6’ 9” and can be best described as “adaptable” on the court. He enjoys connecting with people on a deeper level and offering a hand whenever it is needed.

Luke’s favorite post-game meal is anything and everything that he can have a lot of.

Martin Herford

Martin Herford

#21 | 6' | 170lbs

Martin is 6’ and is described as a play-maker (scoring) guard. He can score at 3, mid-range at the rim, and takes pride in making other team members better. Martin also holds confidence in the rebound, pass-and-shoot, and defending the plays.

Martin enjoys a Subway cold cut combo, spicy Italian sandwich, or pasta as his post-game meal. He enjoys supporting kid sports camps such as basketball or football and contributes to LeBron Camp giveaways.

He also holds 1st in All-league and MVP for WV at GSL.

Tyreek Luckett

Tyreek Luckett

#22 | 6’ 1.5” | 190lbs

Tyreek “Reek” Luckett was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Missouri City (Houston), TX. He attended Walla Walla University and achieved accomplishments such as All-Conference and Conference Champs in college. He played in the Chihuahua league in Mexico and was a Camp coach at Whitman College. He was also a Coach at Walla Walla University. Tyreek is 6’ 1.5,” and his style of play can best be described as the facilitator. His favorite post-game meal is a “Joint” burger with pineapple from Red Robin. Tyreek’s favorite charity to support is the EJI (Equal Justice Initiative).