Tyreek “Reek” Luckett was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Missouri City (Houston), TX. He attended Walla Walla University and achieved accomplishments such as All-Conference and Conference Champs in college. He played in the Chihuahua league in Mexico and was a Camp coach at Whitman College. He was also a Coach at Walla Walla University.

Tyreek is 6’ 1.5,” and his style of play can best be described as the facilitator. His favorite post-game meal is a “Joint” burger with pineapple from Red Robin. 

Tyreek’s favorite charity to support is the EJI (Equal Justice Initiative).

Who is your role model or sports hero? 

“Bryan Stevenson is a hero in my eyes.” 

Fun fact: Reek played soccer in college and is the best Call of Duty player on the team (until proven otherwise).

Tyreek Luckett