Steve Stockton grew up in Spokane, WA where he attended High School at Ferris High and College at Whitworth University. 

Steve is 6’ and his style of play is best described as, competitive. 

His favorite post-game meal is any variety of breakfast burritos and he is grateful to support his favorite charity, the Special Olympics.

Steve holds accomplishments such as third-time NWC conference champion, NCAA D3 Sweet Sixteen, NACAD National Championship, and 16u Built for ball Head coach.

Who is your role model or sports hero? Why?

“Father. I have always looked up to him for many reasons. The way he lives his life and treats people has always amazed me and shown me to be a better person. He has shown me how to work hard and never be satisfied and to always be a better person.”

Fun fact: Steve played both Football and Basketball in college.  

Steve Stockton