Martin “Marto” Herford was born in Dallas, TX, and raised in Spokane, WA. 

He attended West Valley High and held a redshirt season at Walla Walla and Big Bend.

Martin is 6’ and is described as a play-maker (scoring) guard. He can score at 3, mid-range at the rim, and takes pride in making other team members better. Martin also holds confidence in the rebound, pass-and-shoot, and defending the plays. 

Martin enjoys a Subway cold cut combo, spicy Italian sandwich, or pasta as his post-game meal. He enjoys supporting kid sports camps such as basketball or football and contributes to LeBron Camp giveaways. 

He also holds 1st in All-league and MVP for WV at GSL.

Who is your role model or sports hero? Why?

“LeBron James because of the type of leader he is in the community, on and off the court.”

Fun fact: Marto is a singer!

Martin Herford