Luke “Lewy” Evans grew up in Spokane, Washington where he went to North Central High School and further on to Spokane Community College. 

Some of Luke’s greatest accomplishments have been taking third in NWAACC while at Spokane Community College in 2010-11 and 12-13. He also won local recreational league tournaments between 2014-2019. He can be more known for running the local outdoor courts around Spokane.

Luke is 6’ 9” and can be best described as “adaptable” on the court. He enjoys connecting with people on a deeper level and offering a hand whenever it is needed.

Luke’s favorite post-game meal is anything and everything that he can have a lot of. 

Who is your role model or sports hero? Why?

“I don’t really have a role model or sports hero. I more recognize people for their talents and do the best I can to keep their techniques in mind in case I ever need to replicate such “talent;” to the best of my ability, of course.”

Fun fact: Lewy has done most of his tattoos himself, and he loves to wood carve!

LCL Poster_Evans