Dirk Snel was born and raised in Everett, WA. 

He attended Cascade High School then proceeded to continue on with his higher education at Everett Community College and University of Hawaii at Hilo where he finished the Basketball athletic program.

Kirk is 6’ 2” tall and favors the shooter style of play. His favorite charity to support is the Ronald McDonald House and his go-to post-game meal is a good bowl of cereal.

Who is your role model or sports hero? Why?

“My role model is my dad. He has paved the way for me and taught me how I want to raise my sons. From rebounding for me in the freezing cold to never missing a basketball game. He has always been my biggest fan and someone I look up to.”

Fun fact: Dirk is an Eagle Scout which is the highest achievement or rank attainable in Boy Scouts.

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