CHarity Stripe Graphic

What is 'The Charity Stripe'?

Any ball player knows that the free throw line is also referred to as 'The Charity Stripe'. That's because a player is 'given' a free shot with no defense.

The Charity Stripe is a way for the Legends to give organizations a free shot. Opportunities to raise money or collect items that will help drive focus, resources, and understanding towards their respective missions.

We want to do this while creating an entertaining and fun environment for fans and families alike. So every Charity Stripe game or event will have an organization that we're helping.

Benefiting Organizations

Access Success Foundation


To create a vibrant and thriving community of support and opportunities for adults with disabilities in the greater Spokane area.


To plan, organize, and provide supervised recreational and service-oriented activities to individuals struggling with mental heath and/or developmental disability, in order to enrich their lives and involve them in socialization with the broader community.

Operation Healthy Family


To be a change agent in the community by Collaborating and Partnering with like-minded nonprofit organizations, schools and businesses.


OHF mission is rooted in faith to provide health equity programs and services for the community regardless of their background and financial circumstances.