SPOKANE, Washington. –

On March 21st, the Legends will kick off their ‘Build A Legacy‘ series. A series of classes, programs, and experiences that aim to provide exposure and insight for the community to build upon.

“As a part of the Lilac City Legend’s vision to serve the Spokane community, we want to create educational and empowering opportunities for the community to understand ways that they can BUILD A LEGACY.” says the Legends President, Michael Bethely.

This first offering will be a monthly, Financial Growth Experience that’s in collaboration with Canopy Credit Union. It will cover things from budgeting to 401k’s, but as a light and fun experience. It’s free to attend, along with free food and prizes that will be given out to participants.

The Financial Growth Experience will be a monthly offering, happening on the 3rd Monday of each month. The locations of these experiences will vary, so that more neighborhoods can benefit from the opportunity.

“For us, it has always been bigger than basketball. We want to see the community thrive, and the partnerships that we’re creating to offer these free experiences and/or classes, are going to be essential to getting that done.” says Bethely.

The March 21st session will be held at the Emmanuel Family Life Center in the Perry District. 631 S. Richard Allen Ct.