Be legendary!

Who are the Legends making a difference in the community? We like to recognize individuals and organizations who make a difference in the community through simple acts of kindness. Do you have a suggestion for a Legend of the week? Tell us about your nominee.

Previous Legends of the Week

Spokane NAACP

“Spokane NAACP #1137 turned 100 years old in 2019 and is affiliated with National NAACP in Washington DC. Their mission is to promote civil rights and social justice primarily for people of color, and support equality for others marginalized by race, religion, culture, age, religion, and sexual orientation. This all-volunteer organization works through the mechanisms of education and advocacy.”

Virtual Hearing Solutions

“Thank you to Virtual Hearing Solutions (VHS) and their spectacular pivot during the pandemic. Virtual Hearing Solutions added free COVID testing to their services and were able to assist with testing participants at the Lilac City Legends Jan. 23, 2021 tryouts. VHS is a free, mobile testing company that is here to keep you safe! All of their labs are FDA certified, and the tests are FDA approved—and on the EUA list.”

Ezra Kinlow

“Dedicated Pastor of Holy Temple Church of God in Christ who has served the community for 39 years.”

MLK Jr. Family Outreach Center’s Freda Gandy and Staff

“The MLK Jr. Family Outreach Center food bank has stayed open since COVID started! The center houses a number of resources for East Central Spokane. Community partners housed in the center include SNAP, W.I.C, and CCS Headstart. At the center, it ¬is encouraged to be part of community involvement by providing individual and corporate volunteer opportunities as well as active-donor membership. They remain committed to recruiting and maintaining a culturally and ethnically diverse staff and volunteers that promote and maintain the values of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

Wilburn and Associates

“Diversity Champions & Advocates for Social Justice: Dr. Roberta Wilburn
and Mr. James Wilburn. Two hearts and minds dedicated to making a difference in the world, wanting to bring out the best in others by helping them to realize their full potential. Empowering others to be their best selves without giving up their culture and heritage. Fostering respect, dignity, and the celebration of all dimensions of human diversity.”

The Fig Tree

“Thank you, Fig Tree for being an independent, non-profit newspaper and resource directory that connects people in faith, nonprofit, human services, and civic communities.”

Lonnie Mitchell

“Thank you, Lonnie Mitchel, for your dedication to community service and family. Your support behind the Emmanuel Family Life Center, housing the South Perry Learning Center and the gym is helping Spokane youth build their skills.”

Phil Champlin, Executive Director of the HUB Sports Center

“Thank you, Phil, for joining communities of faith, sports, education, business, and government to positively impact our youth and region through events and programs that enhance life skills.”

Visit Spokane

“Thank you, Visit Spokane, for encouraging visitors to safely support our community and explore competitive sporting activities.”

Spokane Sports Commission

“Thank you, Spokane Sports Commission, for supporting athletes with excellent facilities in this fan-friendly location and always delivering a winning experience.”

Better Health Together

“Thank you, Better Health Together, for believing everyone deserves a fair shot at being healthy. Your tenacious problem solving is radically improving the health of the region by promoting health equity for all, by all.”

Spokane Public Schools

“Thank you, Spokane Public Schools for supporting the Whole Child Focus,
and working to ensure each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported
and challenged.”

Black History Month

“While February is Black History Month, it is important to reflect on the stories and impact of Black history throughout the year. The Spokane Library partnered with members of the community to provide videos, events, and book lists to inspire the community to reflect on and learn from the history of Black people in America.”

And many more!

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