Pro Basketball Association

The Pro Basketball Association is a 20-week Spring-Summer league with a combine and draft and training camps that open in April 2021. Teams also have many of their best tryouts and camps during this time leading up to the regular season. The PBA Regular season runs from May to August, followed by an All-Star Game and Playoffs and the 2021 PBA Championship Game to be held in Dallas, Texas.

Similar in the talent level and professional scope as the previous Spring-Summer leagues like the USBL, WBA, and IBL but different in that the PBA gives their association of owners the flexibility of one of two models of success.

Pro Basketball Association Rules:
“The PBA plays by NBA Rules as far as how the game is officiated, including but not limited to, defensive 3-second rule, blocking foul when contact is made with the offensive player while under the basket. If the facility does not have a charge circle or an NBA 3 point line in the event, the teams will play with the lines that are on the court. If no charge circle is on the court, the referee will use their judgment to approximate a distance from the basket of 3 feet in a half-circle extending out from the bottom of the backboard. With covid-19, the new normal is a reduction in the number of available facilities, which impacts each team’s ability to contract with a facility that houses a court with NBA dimensions. Much like the right-field wall in baseball in Yankee Stadium is shorter than Dodger Stadium, variances in court dimensions will vary from city to city. We will officiate the games based on the lines on the floor and the court’s distances as they are. If your team is used to playing 94 feet and shooting from 23.75 feet and you are on the road in a facility that has an 88-foot court and 3 point lines that are 19’9″, then it will be easy for you. Adjust accordingly.

“One of the exceptions to NBA rules is the PBA has adopted a 10 minute stop clock for 4 quarters with a 3 minute overtime. If the teams are tied after the first overtime, the second overtime will also be 3 minutes and continue as such in each successive overtime until a winner has been decided. Clubs overseas have made it clear to us that the 200-185 scores with the flashing lights and extra points in the longer 12 minute quarters aren’t appealing to them. We want to be the league of opportunity and respected around the World for authentic stats that clubs foreign and domestic can scout and appreciate every point scored. In this light, we emphasize the need for running sets, sharing the ball, setting screens, talking on defense, getting back in transition, and valuing each possession. Let’s make each other work for it, and the rest of the World will reward us for it.

For more PBA information visit their website.