Lilac City Legends

Our Mission

To Honor, Encourage, Inspire and Create LEGENDS Within Our Community.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to serving the Spokane community through an Engaging, Entertaining, and Competitive Basketball Experience. 

Engaging –  Community Engagement

  • Creating programs that will reach out to and bring the community together. 
  • Building relationships with local organizations, schools, and businesses. 
  • Using our platform to recognize, celebrate, and honor the community.

EntertainingEnjoyable Family Experiences

  • Providing a one-of-a-kind in-game experience for the whole family. 
  • Creating opportunities for local talent/entertainment to spread their gifts.
  • Using our brand to engage fans with partners while giving the partners opportunities to build relationships with the fans.

Competitive Experience – High-Level Basketball

  • Building a team that will compete for an national championship.
  • Creating opportunities for our players to advance their professional careers.
  • Hosting youth camps, unique training, and player development sessions.
  • From the players to the staff, we give  100% every game.

Join us in expanding the LEGENDS community via supporting our sponsors, and contacting us for inspiring opportunities.

Michael Bethely is the team’s president and is excited about what the Legends can provide to the community.

“We want to honor, encourage, inspire, and create legends within our community. Plus, we want to highlight the value of community and show how it is so much bigger than basketball.” – Bethely

Be legendary, and go Legends!!!